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Is the Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) water resistant?

Is the motorola x 2nd generation or (2nd edition) water resistant if yes then to what extent? And can it survive a dunk of about 30 minutes?

Thanks, Carl. I Seek a little bit more of your time: I was looking for 32gb memory, water repellence and dual sim. The moto E3 power seems to fit the bill but is the CPU strong enough to support business use (of course, won't do games or video editing on it)

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David @ MBA admission Gurus

Check Motorola Moto G4 and Motorola Moto G4 Plus. They are not water proof but they are water repellent.

Hi, which of the motorola mobiles are water-proof? Thanks, David, BA admission Gurus

Hi Yash! Yes, it is water resistant. Please keep in mind to every that water resistant is different from water proof. Take care of your phones. Cheers!

Steve Da Silva

I used my moto x 2nd gen in rain for few mins...It was working fine ....then after few mins it went dead...its not starting now...when I put it for charging it gives me green led notification light..

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