Is it possible to unlock a MTS BlackBerry phone and use it with another carrier?

Currently have a blackberry bold with one year left on my 3 year MTS plan. I would like to upgrade my hardware and possibly transfer my plan onto an iphone. However, can I get my bberry unlocked so a family member could potentially use it with another carrier, such as Virgin Mobile or Rogers.

I asked at the MTS store in Brandon Shoppers Mall last week (July 2012) and the service person seemed 'shocked' that I would want to unlock my MTS BB, even though I explained it was so I could use a SIM card in Australia and avoid roaming charges (acc to both MTS and the Aussie ph co's my BB will work in Australia).

There are many unlock providers on the WWW, some that specialize in BB and some that specifically will unlock Canadian BBs including MTS. The reputable ones will likely charge more for a MTS BB as apparently MTS uses a stronger lock than say Rogers or Telus. Do not use the free services as many of these are scams. There is also a Russian-based one that seems to be claiming to be MTS endorsed; its not.

Cellfservices seemed the best of those I reviewed and has a YouTube video on how to do it, but I haven't tried them yet.

I was told that for a fee Rogers will unlock your Rogers BB, IPh or Android.

MTS as usual is NOT interested in customer service, only ripping its customers off. Well, I guess that's true of all Canadian ph companies.

Yes, it's possible. Contact MTS if they offer phone unlocking services. If they don't, you can just search the Internet for "phone unlocking" websites. Make sure you get service from a legit and reputable website so you won't be scammed.

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