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Is it common for the Samsung T159 to turn off for no reason?

I have a SamsungSGH - T159 that I got in June and it's started to turn off randomly even though it's full battery. It turns off when it's closed in my pocket, sitting on a table, during calls, really anytime so I know it's not because I'm jostling it. Also I never got any liquids spilled or dropped it.
My service provider is WIND and to get it checked out and fixed at the warranty store you have to give an $80 deposit and then get a replacement phone for $10 non refundable, or else have nothing for the 2-4 weeks it takes to have it fixed.
This sounds like a pain so I'm seeing if there's an easier solution first! Thanks.

Hi there. Are you sure you aren't low on batt or have your battery nearly drained? If not, I suggest you contact Samsung first or maybe go to a nearby cell phone shop and ask what the issue might be; that's if you still don't want to go to Wind.

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