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Phil Francois

Is Chatr's service down in the Ottawa area?

I can't even get to top up. *611 keeps saying service unavailable! At my busiest time of the month!!! I've put 46 dollars into your coffers and I am losing 100 an hour because of this unforgivable mess at the chatr network. Why do I get messages sent 5 days earlier as well? I expect REAL answers failing which, I will post an entire website documenting all the numerous problems my associates and I have been enduring. And they are numerous. Nice that the extra 5 dollars a month, because you don't sell 35 dollar top ups simply disappear as well.Care to explain this to the CRTC?

If you still can't contact Chatr through *611 you may try dialing 1-800-485-9745 from any other phone. Hopefully their service is back up.

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