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Why does my Apple iPhone 6s Plus frequently freezes up?

My iPhone 6s Plus (64gb) frequently freezes up multiple times a day.  For example: I will be in any app. Press the home button twice to close out apps. And the touch screen freezes up for like 5-10 seconds. Or i will try to make a call and I can open the call app, touch a name go to the options of contact (call, text, FaceTime) and none of those work when I touch them. Restored the phone to factory settings and put a back up back on. Try holding the lock and home screen buttons until the whole phone restarts and nothing seems to get rid of this problem. Anyone else having these issues?

Yes, I always suggest to take the phone back to the store where you bought it. They should be able to help you.


I don't have an apple provider store. Would a place like Telus work? This is where I purchased my phone. 

Hi Danielle. Your problem might be a hardware problem. Visit an Apple service center and have them check your phone.

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