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Why does the Kobo Arc say I have 8 GB of photos when they're already deleted?

My Arc warned me that I was running out of space and on the settings screen it said I had 8 gigs of photos. As this was the first time I put photos on here I removed them all (I was going to reduce the file size before putting them back on). But when I went back into the settings it says I still have 8 G of photos.

Is this some sort of phantom reading? A recycle bin I can't find? Is there something I need to do to reset?


Thank you for responding. I eventually figured it out. On the storage settings screen it says photos and videos (or something similar) and shows how much storage space is being used. When I tapped the link to see what was in that storage space it opened an app which showed me I had no photos. It didn't occur to me I also had videos that the link wasn't showing me.

So mostly a stupid user trick - although not very intuitive to have a link that says its both photos and videos, but only link to photos.

And it was really frustrating that support couldn't provide any help. In fact I spent most of the call arguing with the agent to convince her that I didn't have a memory expansion port.

That's odd. Try using Clean Master (link) and update us if that helps.

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