I'm switching ( 3-yr contract) Rogers to Fido & iPhone device economic inducement?

Last year in May 2011, I purchased my own UNLOCKED iphone 4 from Apple.ca ( costed ~$1100). I went to Roger and I signed up a 3-yr contract agreement ( up until May, 2014) and they gave me another iPhone 4 (locked to Rogers) for free.

I took that Locked iPhone and I sold it at a different country. ( Don't ask how it's gonna work there, obviously there are 'ways' to unlock iPhones elsewhere!)

Anyways, I'm now using my own unlocked iPhone 4 that I purchased from Apple with my Roger's simCard on the popular MY 10-Plan ( $65).

Now, I found a better promotion with Fido that is $45 (Canada -wide plan) everything's unlimited (text, voice) long distance is unlimited with no zone restrictions + unlt. international texts. And this $45 plan is offered with Fido under no contract, so I can leave fido anytime I wish. And that's soooo much better than what I pay to MY10 Rogers plan ( $65/month And I only have 200 local week-day minutes)

I spoke with Rogers Rep. and informed him I'm planning to switch, he offered me unlimited incoming calls, to stay with Rogers, I said NO! I That's free already at Fido and I get unlt. long distance as well.

After long negotiation, he told me Rogers will charge me $100 (Cancellation fees), AND THEY WILL MOVE MY CONTRACT TO FIDO!!!!!!!

The one thing that the Rep. didn't know is that I'm using my own iPhone not Roger's, cuz the one that Rogers gave me I sold it elsewhere.

My big questions here:
If I switched to Fido today, and used my own iPhone, and I wanted to get out of Fido say in next July 2012 (just an example).. Are they gonna ask me about the Roger's iPhone that I sold?? Would that be a problem?
How much I would have to pay Fido for cancelling my service if I'm on agreement but I have my own hardware?

Hence, the new contract with fido said to be Ended in 2015, but in the next page of the contract, it says


Any suggestion ? Help please!


I unlock my iPhone locked Rogers here http://letsunlockiphone5.com/rogers-fido-canada-unlock-iphone/ - but paid 109 USD for this

Rogers owns Fido. They gave you a phone. If you sold it, who cares ! They gave you a phone. Why you would pay $1100 for a phone and then worry about $100 is beyond me, but that's your problem. You have to somehow pay for the phone they gave you. Which is probably included in that $100.
The point is this: You owe Rogers $$$ for the 4S that they gave you. Fido does not care about Rogers' phone one way or the other, if you have a contract or not. As for "TOTAL ECONOMIC INDUCEMENT $0.00", that just means that they are not "subsidizing" any phone (reducing the price of the phone, but you commit to 3 year agreement).

I think you need to read that over. The iPhone 4 (16GB) is $ 199, not $ 99. The price/month depends on which cairrer you go with what plan combination you choose. Too many to list here so better to check their websites piece together the plans to see the costs.

Hi Maya. The best way to find out is to call Rogers or Fido. You were only asked by Rogers to pay $100 for cancellation fee but wasn't asked to pay for the device. Chances are, they will ask about the phone when you leave Fido.

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