If you have problems with the ZTE Majesty, where can you go for support, replacement or repairs?

Problems? That sucks! Sorry to hear. If your ZTE Majesty needs a little TLC, you have a couple options. You could contact the store where you originally purchased the device or you could contact ZTE directly. Your eligibility for repair, replacement or support may depend on the warranty period remaining. Good luck!

when talking to the other party .they said it's sounds like I am talking in a box

How do i move all my photosfrom my phone to my sd card

my phone keep turn on and off whlieing chgaer

When I get a call I can hear them they can't here me....then it says I need my network password to deactivate my call barrier

sharon edwards

how do I fix unfortantly contacts have stopped on my zte majesty phone

Lewis Bundgard

Google search is not responding, I can't text or receive texts. How can I do to reconnect Google search.

A pop up that displays the words, unfortunately google search has stopped. Received phone two weeks ago, did work fine for about a week. Tried everything to correct. What is the problem?

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