If you have problems with the Coolpad Quattro 4G, where can you go for support, replacement or repairs?

Problems? That sucks! Sorry to hear. If your Coolpad Quattro 4G needs a little TLC, you have a couple options. You could contact the store where you originally purchased the device or you could contact Yulong directly. Your eligibility for repair, replacement or support may depend on the warranty period remaining. Good luck!


what would cause my touch screen to be totally unresponsive i cannot answer calls i cant even turn phone off i pulled the battery out for a few minutes and when i reinstalled battery
my screen worked for a few phone calls and then returned to the unresponsive mode i tried removing battery a second time but it did not work this time is there something i can do to fix this problem ive only had this phone since november 19 of this year 2012 not even 60 days and for the price i paid i will be switching to another phone service provider if i cant get this problem resolved. can u help me with this


I have the Quattro also and I love the phone but now it will not charge. At first I just had to keep the plug at a certain angle and it would charge but now no matter what I do it simply will not charge. And it's not the plug, I've tried others. I think it has something to do with the jack on the phone itself. I'm going back to MetroPC in the morning and see what they'll do. Anyone else having this type of problem? What have you tried?

Yes, my Quattro won't charge either! Going in the morning to the corporate store to see what they say. The only address on the Yulong (manufacturer' ) website is in China, so it's not likely that I'd get affordable servicing. If Metro doesn't resolve the problem, I'm switching carriers. I've had Metro for a long time (about 5 years), and there's been too many problems to keep going on like this.

my cool pad cant accept radio signals it has a red circle above the signal bars can this be fixed

i have the coolpad and for some reason its not charging i put it to charge and it charges for a while then it says its complete charged after a little while of using it and automataclly has low battery what do i do?

4G isn't working on my violas help

I have 2 Coolpads and they both have the same issue! They will not charge either!!!

Sounds like faulty manufacturing. I've read enough of these reviews to decide THAT is NOT the phone to get :-)

I've had a coolpad since March and last week I bought an entirely new charger, after reading these comments I've figured out that the problemnis actually the phone. Ugh. So tired of Metro PCS phones.


I'm having the exact same issue, but had another too.
Feb 2013: Bought phone
March: Microphone stopped working (no one could hear me talk, but I could hear them fine) I go to the corporate store and get a replacement.
Early July: Phone seems to only charge if the cord is at a certain angle. I even bought a new USB cord thinking it was the cord's problem. It was not.
Late July: Phone is plugged into the charger for half a day, but still says only 50%.
Recent: Phone blacks out all of the sudden even though it shows plenty of charge. I plug it in, it won't respond. If I move the cord around, it might say "low battery" or show it charging. When I try again to turn it on by pressing the "on" button, it shows no response, the screen is black.
Today: Going to my local Metro and asking to activate my old phone.
I AM SOOOOOO DONE WITH MY COOLPAD 4G QUATTRO. I loved it in February and hated it by August. SAD!


Out of the clear blue sky my video player flashes unceasingly when I try to play any videos except for netflix. Any ideas?


My coolpad is about 8 months old.. The screen went black. I can hear sound but cannot make or answer calls. Metro PCS said there is water damage and will not honor guarantee. Can screen be replaced ? Where can I get the part and can I do it myself?

nobody can hear me

My wife has a coolpad phone and just out of the blue she can't be heard by anyone on the other end of her calls both incoming and outgoing. I think its a problem with the mic in the phone. has anyone else had this problem? and what should I do?

This phone is trash. metro stopped carrying it around May of 2013. So if anything is wrong with your phone and you have insurance they will make you pay a deductible and give you a replacement phone. Originally it was some kind of LG now they're doing one of the lesser known Samsung Galaxy phones. My advice, only go with major brand cell phones. Every year around black Friday Metro introduces some deal for cool phones and they usually turn out to be crap. metro notices it and stops distributing the phones all together around 5-6 months later, robbing you out of any replacement for a manufacturers defect, or the cheap deductible you have to pay to replace your phone. If you still want to replace your phone they offer a more expensive phone, ie a higher deductible and that is how they rip you off. This phone is no different, stick to LG, Samsung, Windows, etc. They may be more expensive, but it is definitely worth it in the end

Coolpad headset display want go off sceeen.

My coolpad wont accept text messages or show voice mail notifications. what can i do to resolve this problem?

My CoolPad does not ring on incoming cools. all other applications sound is good. any ideas.

mitchell woltanski

I must say, I bought the quatro 4g at a rediculously good price. Now , im having problems with charging to full capacity, and if my phone is at 75% as soon ad I reboot my phone, its at 0% Im just gonna go to boost mobile and get a new phone.....see ya Metro!

I have a quatro cool pad phone. Cant find a car charger that will work

If car charger works with other phones, it's a possibility that the problem lies in your phone. You might want to get your phone checked to confirm.

The problem with your Coolpad Quattro for MetroPCS is in fact already stated metro pcs switch to boost Mobile and the problem will be fixed immediately

I did a hard reset on the phone cause it would randomly push buttons without me touching them. After reset it still is happeing HELP!!!!

my coolpad keeps restarting itself like every 26 seconds every time i watch a movie on my coolpad it will pause then i had to play it again.how do i fix this.

My husband gift me a COOLPAD 4 GB from Cleartalk,and of course a 4GB card too because it never works with out it...I asked to Santa Claus for a Iphone but anyways, hubby bought me that piece of trash...Never buy it please !!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer this question...Still placed mine on watch.

shunia whitaker
shunia whitaker

why do my coolpad freeze up and don't want to come back on

Michael McCreary
Michael McCreary
why doesn't the headphones work.....music still comes out phone speaker....

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