If you have problems with the Coolpad Quattro 4G, where can you go for support, replacement or repairs?

Michael McCreary
Michael McCreary
why doesn't the headphones work.....music still comes out phone speaker....

shunia whitaker
shunia whitaker

why do my coolpad freeze up and don't want to come back on

Answer this question...Still placed mine on watch.

My husband gift me a COOLPAD 4 GB from Cleartalk,and of course a 4GB card too because it never works with out it...I asked to Santa Claus for a Iphone but anyways, hubby bought me that piece of trash...Never buy it please !!!!!!!!!!!!

my coolpad keeps restarting itself like every 26 seconds every time i watch a movie on my coolpad it will pause then i had to play it again.how do i fix this.

I did a hard reset on the phone cause it would randomly push buttons without me touching them. After reset it still is happeing HELP!!!!

The problem with your Coolpad Quattro for MetroPCS is in fact already stated metro pcs switch to boost Mobile and the problem will be fixed immediately

If car charger works with other phones, it's a possibility that the problem lies in your phone. You might want to get your phone checked to confirm.

I have a quatro cool pad phone. Cant find a car charger that will work

mitchell woltanski

I must say, I bought the quatro 4g at a rediculously good price. Now , im having problems with charging to full capacity, and if my phone is at 75% as soon ad I reboot my phone, its at 0% Im just gonna go to boost mobile and get a new phone.....see ya Metro!

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