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If I topup $100 to my Virgin Mobile prepaid account, will the monthly fee be taken from it?

Hi there,

If I top up a prepaid for $100, am I correct in understanding that it will last for a full year? AND if that is the case, is there still the $10 monthly fee or will it be taken out of the $100 top up?

I am with Virgin Canada (prepaid) but I found a cell phone carrier that beats down Virgin. Much sweeter deal, check it out: ANY amount added to your balance will last 365 days, and can be carried over...

If I played a 100 dollars is that good for a year. And is it unlearned.And can I still use wifi

Hi. After a year, your 100 will be forfeited whether you've used it or not. But it will last for a year as long as you haven't used it up. And 10 bucks every month won't be taken out. Imagine even if you don't use your load and 10 bucks is taken out every month, then there's no more left for the remaining 2 months right? How could that last for a year then?….. I had 100 bucks for a year and it's great!!

i want you to help me to put credit on me phone

The $100-$200 top-up expires in 365 days ( 1 year)
Anything less is 60 days ( or less)
It's on the Virgin website under top-up, but you really have to dig for it.
The $100 is used up as you use your airtime (~30-35 cents min) BUT, if you top-up a day before it expires, the remainder of your unused balance is added to your top-up.
I now have ~$280 credit, as I rarely use the phone.

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