How much exactly should you pay when buying out a contract with Rogers?

I have a Sony Ericcsson and I have a three year plan. Now I paid about $100 plus the three year plan and had I bought the phone outright, I would have gone for either a one year or two year, but I did not have the money to buy it out right. Now lets say that I decide to cancel the three year plan, do I have to pay the full price for the cellphone or the full price less the amount I paid at the beginning?

Scot, how do i check if rogers has "material adverse clause", and can you also give me some more information - Thanks

Hi Scot,

When I sign my 3 year plan, I was on corporate rate and I kept it. Is there any way I can finish my last year while reducing my payement and service? Or I am supposed to be keep the same corporate rate?

Before even considering having to buy out your contract, see if Roger's has anything in the way of a "Material Adverse Clause". In the US, I am able to cancel my contract if I can demonstrate that the contract I signed and the current contract are different, and they most always are. In other words, a single new tax or rate change of any kind can be reason enough for you to contact the carrier and say, "Hey! I never signed on for this." And by law they have to allow you out of your contract at NO expense to you. Keep in mind that most folks are completely unaware of this clause, and that carriers will certainly not go out of their way to inform you.
Good Luck! Pay NOTHING to get out of your contract.

Actually I love my phone and do not intend to cancel it. I was just asking if my buying out would be the amount the phone was supposed to be if I had bought it outright.

This is ridiculous, you ppl should be reading your contracts before signing THEM!! With Telus/Bell it is $20 a month times the remaining months left in your contract and you get to KEEP that phone, if your contract is 6 months or less we don't ask for the phone back, you paid all that money to cancel with ETF so why would they ask for the phones back?? I have never had to take a phone back from someone after they cancelled!!!!

Minimum of $100 actually.

With Wireless Wave, if you cancel in 6 months and your phone is in working condition do you get to avoid the ETF?

20 dollars a month for every month remaining on your contract t a mx of 400 and a min of 200 ..... now depending on if you got it a authorized dealer ... ( wireless wave etc ) then if you decide to cancle withing the first 6 months they ask for the phone back .. and if you can not give the phone back in perfect working condition then they charge you full price for the phone aswell as the etf (early termination fee)

Hi suspenseful,

If you still haven't gotten an answer, canceling your contract is going to cost you. With rogers I think the penalty is something like 30$ / month remaining in the agreement up to a maximum of 400$ (since you took the 3 years agreement) for a single phone line. The value of the phone doesn't matter at this point anymore, the only penalty you're imposed should be on your agreement and not the value of the cell phone. I don't know if it's still 30 or if the max is still 400 but when I canceled my agreement it was 30$/month for a single line and I had 3 ... :(

Canadian cell phone carriers are that crooked.

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