Sarbatrik Brahma

How to install apps to SD card on the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro?

I want to store new apps in my star pro to my external sd card by default. Please help?

Is there away to have apps sent to SD by default on my lg tribute2 on the device it's self


I've done this and it worked. however I changed my sd card from 2Gb to 4Gb and now it will not work anymore.
I've redone the steps above and, got confirmation that [external] memory is being used, however when I want to install a new app I get the same error message "not enough space"
Android GT-S5830i
ver 2.3.6

Any suggestions

Here are the steps for your phone to automatically install apps to your external memory.

Items needed
1. Android Phone
2. a micro usb cable
3. a computer 

Step 1: Getting Ready to Change Installation Location

1. Get the Google Android SDK
- Unzip the file and place the folder onto your desktop or anywhere that can be easily accessed.
- find the platform tools folder (default, it should be : adt-bundle/sdk)

2. Find cmd/terminal (for mac)
- (for mac users) go to [System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services]
and then check the box [New Terminal At Folder]

3. Go onto your Android phone and select USB debugging
- Go to [System settings > Developer Options] and select USB Debugging (if the option is grayed out, unplug your phone first)

Step 2: Using adb

1. Windows
- Open the folder called " platform-tools"
- shift+right-click anywhere inside the folder and choose [Open Command Window Here]

- right-click the folder called "platform-tools" and choose [New Terminal At Folder]

2. Enter in the following

For Windows :
adb devices
adb shell pm set-install-location 2
adb shell pm get-install-location

For Mac : (note - there is a period before the slashes)
./adb devices
./adb shell pm set-install-location 2
./adb shell pm get-install-location

3. Check if you did it right
- if you did it right, the last output should say: 2 [external]

If you did it right, CONGRATS! Your phone will now install your apps to your SD Card by default! Have fun now! source

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