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Can I possibly use up 100MB by just updating apps on Nokia Lumia 625?

I updated apps on my phone then it told me i had used up 100 mb?

Hi again Shirley, you don't necessarily need to turn Wi-Fi on. However you need to turn your data connection off. Your phone will still work, and can be used to send/receive both text messages and calls, even if data is off. Just switch off the active mobile data connection when you are not using it to avoid any unwanted charges.

Hi Shirley, where did you see or get the notice that you had used up 100MB after updating apps on your phone? It's highly likely that you did so (update the apps) with the use of mobile data. That is, your data connection was active and so your phone used it instead of Wi-Fi to update the apps, and that's why you managed to use up 100 MB -- it was mobile data, that.

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