Why does my Nokia Lumia 520 automatically switch off?

I recently bot a nokia lumia 520... the problem with the phone is that at times it automatically switchess off... whenever the phone is in idle state orr is operated at a faster speed, it suddenly switches off...& then i have to switch it on again... Also, at times it automatically switches off & then starts automatically after lyk 5-10 minutes...or at times i have to remove the battery & insert it back to start it cuz at such times, the power button just doesnt work... can anybody plz help?

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koushal kumar
koushal kumar
Answer this question...my lumia 535 is automatically power off and power on../restart

i have the same problem with my Nokia lumia 521, is switches its self off all the time even when am attempting to make a call. my battery is intact no sign of being loose. please help my phone is less than 6 months old.

I only have 1 week since I bought ma Lumia 435,it goes off and on automatically.is it a factory fault or what?

I hav lumia 520. My mobile iiself switched off when iam attending the call and it is not restarting and i also removed the battery and kept the battery again inside, and when iam switching it ON it is not starting even though my battery is full . Anybody knows whats the problem is,,,

if u know means please tell me


Hey, its simple just fix a sheet of paper in between the side of battery and side of the case

The Onerandom comment
The Onerandom comment

So my nokia lumia is doing the same thing, just I've had the phone for 2 years and it only started doing it this month, just after the warranty ended. Barely use it at all, just for the occasional text once every third day or so. Otherwise it's widely under used, don't understand how this could just come about.

could this be a design problem affecting particular Nokia models. My 535 model is extremely frustrating going on and off automatically. Its only one month old. Am from Kenya

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