Is there a carrier offering Unlimited International Text Messaging plans?

I need help getting a plan with unlimited international text messaging for a fixed monthly fee. I've had a hard time finding a suitable plan from all the 4 major service providers, i.e. Bell,Fido,Rogers and Telus since all they got is unlimited north american texting.

    If You all have internet download whatapp, viber you and talk. if not get a land line, most company its .5cents per min in florida. My boyfriend is in cuba. I have tried everything its causing me an arm and a leg!!! im in Canada they do not have any plan. calling cards connection stinks!!! If any one knows anything from cuba please let me know.

    can i used my philippines sims card when i send message to P I

    if you both have smartphones just use yahoo messenger and skype for your texting just leave them on all the time and youll get all your message, or just go on craiglist and get a jailbroken cellphone and put cricket on it , for 45 dollars a month its unlimited everything.

    Yes there is

    Fido has unlimited international texting. You have to buy the $30.00 month plan to get it though.


    We have a plan for $29 with Virgin that includes unlimited international text. Good luck.

    There is. ATT Go phone, take the sim out to use on the phone you like as long as it's Carrier unlocked or locked for ATT only. Subscribe to the $60/month unlimited text and call and you'll be able to text anywhere in the word unlimitedly. Note: it needs to be both unli text and call or it won't work. That's their new rule now. It used to be unli text only.

    YES. I have unlimited calls. text and edge speeds web plus unlimited international text messages for only $40 month. Cant beat that.
    Go to Simple Mobile website and check it out. This network is powered by T-mobile.
    Best deal in United States

    WIND mobile offers unlimited international text for 5$ ontop of the 15$/100minutes plan

    Solo mobile have an unlimited international texting plan for $25

    BB Curve 8520

    Fido has a $30 - $35 voice plan that includes unlimited texting from Canada TO ANYWHERE in the world. :)

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