Is there a carrier offering Unlimited International Text Messaging plans?

I need help getting a plan with unlimited international text messaging for a fixed monthly fee. I've had a hard time finding a suitable plan from all the 4 major service providers, i.e. Bell,Fido,Rogers and Telus since all they got is unlimited north american texting.

    Good luck with that! You will have to start emailing!

    Damn Canada.....there are such plans in the US and i don't know why it isn't so North of the 49th parallel.I guess i'm stuck with 20 cents per text.Sometimes i feel like Canada is no better than some 3rd world countries....;)

    In terms of cellphones, you are right. In fact, many 3rd world countries are in fact better.

    lol.....yeah i went to Tunisia a few months back.....i can buy a pay as you go card there and even thought it runs out i can still receive unlimited calls! :)

    That would be pretty awesome. I'll keep Tunisia in mind! ; )

    Yeah I'm trying to find unlimited international text messaging too. I have been in Canada for 2 months, and have already spent $400 just on text messages!

    Someone from Bell or any other one of the service providers needs to be reading these, and do something about it.


    cus i had that "unlimited txt msg" on rogers (btw, 2500 text msg isnt enuff)
    but i texted ppls in us pretty much a good few hours everyday, i didnt get charged

    i made 3 text to uk, and i got charged for that :S

    again i dunno y they didnt bill, n this was mayb like 2 -3 months ago when i had it

    but yeh, these companies shud give sum sort of texting plan

    I would love an international text plan ( My husband lives in UK)
    The only way around spending TOO TOO much, is I pay the Telus unlimited text plan for $10 a month.
    Because I'm on that plan, international texts are only 5c each.

    It saves me a lot of money, and I get free texts to all my friends in Canada at the same time!

    is there unlimited text messaging for philippines?

    is anybody here can help me to find or how to avail international unlimited text messaging?

    Well if you live in California, we currently have a plan called MetroPcs, which has unlimited international texting. I text my wife everyday, but only if you apply for the $45, $50 fixed monthly rate, international texting comes with it automatically without any extra charge.

    you are right. In fact, many 3rd world countries are in fact better

    Telus will do unlimited for $10, and 5c/message internationally.

    Your other option is to get an unlimited data plan (on Bell, probably), and pay for cheaper SMS through a service like EQO.

    I have a UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL TEXT plan for $25. per month. It works on any unlocked GSM handset. You can email or call for more details at 813-677-3737

    I have unlimited texting and International calling plans. 813-677-3737 or

    There are some 3rd party international text message (SMS) solutions. is one of them. They let you use your domestic SMS to send internationally.

    I have an Unlimited texting plan from Bell mobility.
    I can text The united states and it costs me nothing, and I've been able to text my friend in Japan as well :) they have cell phone emails over there, so i text-mail her :)

    i really need help my boyfriend is currently living in florida, and im currently living in canada...I am with bell solo and i can txt him whenever i want for free it doesnt charge me, im on a prepaid plan!! now my boyfriend is with at&t and it charges him every time he txts me i have been searching anc searching for a phone for him that will give him unlimited txt to canada so we can talk but by the looks of it the U.S doesnt have any prepaid plans that will give unlimited txt to canada.....i dont understand how canada can have all kinds of companies that will let you txt any where unlimited but the states doesnt......PLEASE HELP ME

    Try RangeRoamer. They have unlimited international text and are pretty cheap.

    to xotiggerxo,

    tell your boyfriend to go under the cell phone company CRICKET.
    its unlimited calls and text messages for $30 a month.

    its unlimited calls and text messags for $30 from the United States to Canada.


    Guys try

    They have mobile application and they are providing Free SMS to Australia,UK,Pakistan and International SMS is only 5c which is quite cheap.

    So many other features as well.

    I love their services.

    I need unlimited texting from Florida to Canada - but only for the 13 days I am away... how do I do that without breaking the bank to pay Bell for a plan that is no good???

    Could I purchase a cell phone or card in Florida that would work?

    MetroPCS in Florida has a plan where you can have unlimited txt msging for about $40 a month, I think?

    I'm in Canada, I also need a plan where I can have unlimited txting to Florida! (at & t) $49.99 no other charges a month for unlimited talk and text nationwide, unlimited GLOBAL text, $20 worth of overseas call and 100mb of web. hope it helps :)

    After much searching I found out that Heywire is the best way you can send sms anywhere in the world. If you have a iphone , then this is perfect as itunes has the app
    for this . Just type Heywire in your search tab and go from there.. Hopefully this will help some of you....!!

    BB Curve 8520

    Fido has a $30 - $35 voice plan that includes unlimited texting from Canada TO ANYWHERE in the world. :)

    Solo mobile have an unlimited international texting plan for $25

    WIND mobile offers unlimited international text for 5$ ontop of the 15$/100minutes plan

    YES. I have unlimited calls. text and edge speeds web plus unlimited international text messages for only $40 month. Cant beat that.
    Go to Simple Mobile website and check it out. This network is powered by T-mobile.
    Best deal in United States

    There is. ATT Go phone, take the sim out to use on the phone you like as long as it's Carrier unlocked or locked for ATT only. Subscribe to the $60/month unlimited text and call and you'll be able to text anywhere in the word unlimitedly. Note: it needs to be both unli text and call or it won't work. That's their new rule now. It used to be unli text only.

    We have a plan for $29 with Virgin that includes unlimited international text. Good luck.

    Yes there is

    Fido has unlimited international texting. You have to buy the $30.00 month plan to get it though.


    if you both have smartphones just use yahoo messenger and skype for your texting just leave them on all the time and youll get all your message, or just go on craiglist and get a jailbroken cellphone and put cricket on it , for 45 dollars a month its unlimited everything.

    can i used my philippines sims card when i send message to P I

    If You all have internet download whatapp, viber you and talk. if not get a land line, most company its .5cents per min in florida. My boyfriend is in cuba. I have tried everything its causing me an arm and a leg!!! im in Canada they do not have any plan. calling cards connection stinks!!! If any one knows anything from cuba please let me know.

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