How to create a voice tag for a phone number?

I need to voice tag my contacts, on my Sanyo, was told to go online but found nothing there?

Programming Voice Dial Tags
1. Select a Contacts entry to which you would like to add a voice dial tag and press OK.
2. Select the number you want to assign to the voice dial tag, and then press Options (right softkey) > Set Voice Tag > Add.
3. After you are prompted to say a name to program, wait for the beep and then say the name into the microphone.
4. Repeat the name after the beep, as prompted.
5. If done successfully, the display will show “Voice Tag Recorded”.

Refer to your phone's user manual for more information about voice tags.
Don't have the user manual? You can download it here in our website by clicking on the manual download link on the Sanyo Pro-700 page.

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