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How can I get hold of somebody at Bell?

I need to get a hold of somebodt at bell. my phone is out and only have computer?

Can I go to an apple store to get my phone at the same price as through bell

this is the second time of me doing this .the first time cause stupid bell stick does what ever it does..
I have a phone I bought at (bell store) died on me ive hated it since day one but cant never get thru to bell 310 2355.. so I take it to bell store in Hamilton when I was there . I had to drop my trailor to get there. I told them to phone use at bell nope they said go to a land line an dial 310 2355 they also would even help me out with phone . its not are problem its an apple phone they said go to apple I just bought at bell store.. ( if u buy something at walmart an take it back they don't tell u to go to manufacturer.) and when I get home I don't has time to go to closes apple store at about a hundred miles away..
so anyway I tried bell at pay phone same crap go to bell store .she said its apples problem not are
so today I was talking to some at bell (310 2355) and she said no problem take to bell store and they will look after it for you. wtf . I said they wont . and she said if they wont phone bell from in store.
everbody that has the same phone has same problems when your talking to someone , you fade in an out that they cant here you.. but mine died I finally got it going but it gets so hot sometimes times when your talking on it you cant hold it..
when I got it they said there was a trial period... im up north trucking no bell stores nowhere near a truck route. I was gone 6 weeks on road
and to top it off the guy at the store where I bought it never did mention any thing bout warrantys which I bought with last 2 phones..
I do not want this phone if there all no good . I want it replaced with a good phone like they said it would be in the store .. they lied!

chat with a representative online? You must be kidding! It's all mechanical. Try it. It will start this way...Hello my name can I give you an excellent service today...

Hi roger. Check the Bell page for their contact details. You can also chat with a representative online ➔ click here.

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