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How to rediscover hidden pictures in Xiaomi Mi4?

Tried hard but failed to get the pictures back that were moved to hidden album

i have hidden some images and videos from FILE EXPLORER and now im unable to find those. do anyone knows how to find them?

Go to gallery. Open cloud.In settings,click synchronize. Swipe down over the screen. Apply password. You will be getting your picture.


Hi friends, I am using Redmi 1s, I saved my pics in Hidden Private folder. But i am unable to open the items in secret folder. I have done all things correct like Show Hidden items on and Pattern also correct. It's directing me to camera picswhenever i enter correct pattern

Red mi note -how to find the hidden pictures,even I did visible for UN hidden folder option..but still I kept few important pics but still I m unable to find,I tried cloud log in also still I acnt please help out,how to get my hidden pictures.
Thanks in advance!!!
I hope I ll get solutions.


How do i find my hidden pics in mi 4i cell phone............ kindly h

I am using mi 4i, by mistake I have hidden a album, now I cant find that ?


How to recover the hidden PIC


I am using mi 4i, by mistake I have hidden a album, now I cant find that ??? I tried every above comments but still there's no solution for that, can anyone tell me how to get those pics back ??? Mi 4i----mi4i-----mi 4i-------mi4i--------mi 4i--------plz give me the solution friends???? And everyone have a very very happy new year.

Well, how did you hide it? If you are using an app to hide, use the same app to make them visible.


I'm just asking questions here. How can I find my hidden pictures? I had swipe down but nothing pop out tho TT can someone play a video plz? TT

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