Why does my HTC phone not turn on?

I just got a new battery yesterday it was working fine, but then I tried charging it and it won't charge  then after a while it turn off and did not come back on no matter what. I already tried the power, volume thing. Plz help?

Have htc desire c white and silver contract phone with testosterone and I turned it off when I went to bed next morning it would not turn on and I tried everything that is usually recommended and then sent it back to telco but they said repair is not covered by warranty and yet the phone is only ten WEEKS old and also they don't say what is wrong with the phone .... How can this happen and they want £45 before sending it back repaired....advice please.

Try removing and putting back the battery, then charge it for few minutes. Try turning it on after. If it still doesn't turn on, try using your old battery.

Let me know what happens.

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