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Can you use the Apple iPhone 4S with Virgin Mobile?

I just bought an Iphone 4S from a friend. How can i use it with Virgin Mobile Canada? It would be the solution of all the problem i have with my HTC Sensation that i still have unrepaired.

Even if i told them to send me something (a prepaid bag, with shipping and all it is need to send my phone to the repairement section of Virgin Mobile Canada, all i had was an empty box with nothing but a sticker inside, no loaner phone, nothing at all.

So here's what i've made : I just bought an Iphone 4S from a friend who changed it for the new Iphone 5. I know that i will have to pay each month the parts of the remaining balance of the HTC Sensation i have, even if i will not use it anymore.

Anyway I can't wait using my new Iphone 4S with Virgin Mobile Canada. But how could it be done? and is it possible ?

I now used my iphone as my replacing device for a HTC Sensation 4G that i still pay for in my "super balance Virgin Mobile" and who will remain a broken phone for not being repaired by a division of Virgin Mobile that Canadian are not proud of, and this division is Bell. Bell is one word : Liars. Customers for Bell are one word too : Fools. I'm not surprised that Bell is still in a class action for his internet service. The day i knew that Bell was the division of Virgin Mobile "taking care of" any device sold by Virgin Mobile, i was thinking "I'm in a big trouble" and i were cause even after months of explanation about simple facts concerning my broken phone, they didn't want to do anything for it.

So when i'll finish my contract with Virgin Mobile, i'll go with another company not because of the service of Virgin Mobile who is still excellent, but by knowing that Virgin Mobile have to cope with this obstacle, these trouble makers called Bell.

May be things will change during this year in the Virgin Mobile area, that i consider has excellent. But as long as i hear the word and read the word "Bell' polluting the name of Virgin Mobile, my decision will be simple. Everything except Bell. Everything except deceptions and bad customer service. Everything except having what Bell is all about till years : A company who care about profit, about money, without having anything for the customers who are the reason they still have a place in telephony.

So, it is sad to know that Virgin Mobile, probably the best company that i knew in communication area, are with the worst of them.

Hey Andre. I just read the latest review you made for Virgin Mobile. Since the phone you bought was originally from Telus, you need to have it unlocked first before you can use it with Virgin Mobile.

If the phone you bought was originally from Virgin Mobile, there should be no problem activating it with your plan. Just contact Virgin Mobile or visit their store so their reps can assist you in activating your phone.

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