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Jo Lynne Owen

How can I make my LG 231 ring?

I have the ringer on my LG231 set to "telephone" but it does not ring.

A woman's voice says "Call from ........" It only repeats once and then terminates the call. When the call is terminated then it will ding to let me know. By then it is too late. It is impossible to receive and answer a call. I have read the manual and gone through all the menu items. I have volume up to the top, and ringer set. I cannot find a way to change this.

Jo Lynne Owen

ON my phone the 6 is only to open the browser. But hearing from you helped me keep looking. I thought I had checked everything related. But I found it under tools (8) and then 1 and 3. Thank you so very much.

Try this -- To disable the announce option go to Menu ➔ 6 ➔ 1 ➔ 3 and disable the Announce Alert.

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