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Catherine Hopewell

I have just purchased a new mobile phone with the Bell Voice 30 - Promo plan. Can someone explain what some terms mean?

What does Message Centre Lite mean? Email and short messages? Local calling area? Can-Can messaging?

1. Message Centre Lite - That's Voicemail. Your Plan includes 3 one-minute messages.

2. Email and Short messages - I would assume you already know what email is. Short messages are Text Messages. Your plan includes unlimited nationwide text, picture and video messaging.

3. Local calling area - That's the area where you plan on using your phone the most when activating your service. Calling someone outside your local calling area will incur you long distance charges.

4. Can-Can messaging - Those are messages sent to a Canadian phone number while in Canada.

For more information, see the Bell Voice 30 - Promo Plan page.

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