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Why does Fido have expensive plans?

I Have been with fido for over 10 years. i have an old 25$ plan. I wanted to add data but why is it so expensive when other companies like wind can offer unlimited talk and data for only 33$?

Hey, Lana.

Fido is a Rogers owned company just like Chatr which is another Rogers co. Since Fido is rogers they lost out good affordable plans ages ago. If you noticed the big 3 (Rogers, Telus, Bell) and there smaller branches (Koodo, Virgin, Chatr, Fido) have nearly identical plans.

Sadly there is a major lack of competition in Canada causing the big telecom companies to rip people off big time. Because of that I moved from Koodo which was not a bad plan at time I had it $56.46 with tax inc. For unlimited talk + text, voicemail, call display, call wait, 500mb data. But now I pay $34.xx with Wind for unlimited talk + text, call display and data. I opted out of Voicemail as I do not enjoy listening to voicemails :)

Hope this was of help.

Never had to put an app on my cell before. Now I want to put Nortons app for cells on it. Don't know how.

Hi lana. Fido has much bigger coverage and more services offered compared to the small carriers like Wind, Mobilicity and Chatr. They think that they could charge more because they offer better service. That how I see it.

If you want to get cheaper rates, you can always try any of the small carriers. Just check first if service is available in your area.

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