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Why does my Acer Iconia Tab A110 keep on freezing up?

I have an Iconia tab A110 that continues to freeze up at nearly every operation or app. I have done a total reset twice, but the problem comes back. I have a good antivirus app, so I know it's not a virus. Can you help? Currently still under warrantee?

Hi there, my Acer tablet keeps stopping n freezing. Sometimes it won't properly power up...but after a time it works,then I can use it OK as I am now.its dead strange.but I did get sumite come up about a virus. But after turning of my tablet n back on,the virus picture went.can you help in what I need to do,kind regards mark

Hey Roy. I suggest you contact Acer to get instructions on how you can send your tablet over to them so they can fix it.

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