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Where to find attachments saved from text messages on the ZTE Avid Plus?

I have a zte z828 phone. I saved an attatchment from a text message i received but cant find it or dont know where its saved at in my phone. How do i find it?

Thanks a lot. Very helpful. Was going crazy trying to figure it out. Thank you.

I just found out how 2 successfully download videos and pictures from text messages. I was struggling with this too, but I found how to do it. Its simple all you have to do is press and hold the attachment then click message details then click the name of the attachment then click save it should now be in your gallery under the download folder

It says it saves attachment but I cannot find it anywhere on my phone

I am having the same prob. I click save attach but cannot find it afterward.

I'm having this same issue, and I can not figure it out at all.. HELP

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