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Can you use Virgin Mobile prepaid in the US?

I have a virgin cell pay as you go can I use it in usa?

Gordon Payne

I have had a Samsung cell phone. 1-226-748-0380
last January when I went to Florida, it stopped working when I crossed into the US.
what do I do to activate it this January.
I pay 10.00 monthly taken from my Visa account and have a credit of about $60.00
last winter I bought a tracfone and when I came home it cancelled when I entered
thanks for your help, Gordon Payne

Yes, you can use your Virgin Mobile phone in the US. Here are the US roaming rates:

Calls within the US: $0.95 per minute
Calls back to Canada: $1.45 per minute
Text message sent: $0.60 per message
Text message received is free

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