How to lock apps on the Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)?

I have a moto g3..the app lockers ive installed are not locking any do i lock my app?

Applock is not working in my mob what I have to do ???

how to remov moto g 3rd gen google lock i am forget my E-mail ID & password

1. Go to CM Cleaner 2. Below you have Tools 3. App Lock option is there 4. Click on the app to unlock thank simple

Try AppLock and don't forget to enable it in Apps with usage access.

Can any one suggest which app lock is the best for moto g3

Catherine Menezes

my new phone is not supported

My settings also automatically locked by 'App Lock' app but i didn't kept any lock for my native settings.


i cant hide any app..
plz do hlp me
i tired out all ur instructions.....
if i go to app with usage access i am getting only..
1 google play service 2 motocarelnt...
i want to on those both uh

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