How to lock apps on the Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)?

I have a moto g3..the app lockers ive installed are not locking any do i lock my app?

Applock is not working in my mob what I have to do ???

how to remov moto g 3rd gen google lock i am forget my E-mail ID & password

1. Go to CM Cleaner 2. Below you have Tools 3. App Lock option is there 4. Click on the app to unlock thank simple

Try AppLock and don't forget to enable it in Apps with usage access.

Can any one suggest which app lock is the best for moto g3

Catherine Menezes

my new phone is not supported

My settings also automatically locked by 'App Lock' app but i didn't kept any lock for my native settings.


i cant hide any app..
plz do hlp me
i tired out all ur instructions.....
if i go to app with usage access i am getting only..
1 google play service 2 motocarelnt...
i want to on those both uh

How to unlock messages and call list thru vault application in moto g 3rd generation without any additional plugins

My Moto g3 handset google. Lock how to unlock pls


Try the Hexlock app.. It will work for sure... Cheers...

In my moto g3 app locker is not working please guide me

You have to enable app lock. For this follow Settings >> Security >> App with usage access >> enable app lock.

Does Leomaster , Leo privacy guard, uninstall unwanted apps and back up the important ones?

Mathew Karein

LEO Privacy Guard App Lock

Privacy Level (Protection): Hide image, Hide Video, Private SMS, Private Calls

Hidingļ¼šhide photos, hide videos or any other files

Smartphones have largely replaced traditional cameras and video recorders, and media can be shared with the rest of the world in seconds.

I'm buyed new moto g 3rd gen . I am unable to lock any app with app locker. Plz help

I just tried in my settings but no use i could not see app lock in app useage access so plz help me for solve this prblm

Nitesh yadav
Nitesh yadav

Hey guys ... For moto g3 ... Use smart applock ... For app lock ... It will work definitely

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