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I have a basic talk and tex plan. If I am in the US can I make a phone call and what is the cost?

When you travel to the U.S., you’ll receive a text message to let you know you’re roaming on a U.S. network and to provide you with the standard retail roaming rates for voice, text and data usage.

Airtime Charges

When you are travelling anywhere in the United States, calls made to a Canadian or United States landline or wireless phone are $1.50 per minute. With no additional charges for U.S taxes or daily surcharges, you'll always know what to expect on your bill. You only pay for U.S. roaming minutes that you use. These minutes are billed according to the calling plan you're on.

Voice Mail

Retrieving voice mail messages from your device while roaming in the U.S. will be billed $1.50 per minute when retrieving messages.

If you subscribe to a Travel Add-On, you will be billed based on the overage rate per minute for that particular add-on.


U.S. Roaming rates specific to your data plan apply and range from $3/MB - $10/MB. Data usage is not deducted from the data included in your plan.

*NOTE: Since each situation is unique, it is best if you contact the Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-SASKTEL

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