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Can I keep my phone numbers when moving from Bell to Wind Mobile?

I have 3 phones in with bell can I keep my numbers? I was looking to get a cheaper rate plan thru another cell phone provider

Yes, there shouldn't be any problem.

Before you cancel your existing service, request that your current number be brought over to WIND at a WIND store or through WIND Customer Care at 611 from your WIND phone or 1-877-WIND-184 (1-877-946-3184).

To make the request, you will need to have the following information about your current account at your current carrier handy (use a bill from your current carrier to ensure the information is exact so your transfer will go as quickly and smoothly as possible):

• Your phone number
• Account number
• Name of the account holder
• Billing address

DO NOT cancel your current phone number – WIND will take care of that for you, when they bring your number over.

For the most part, it will take 3-5 hours to move a mobile number from your current carrier to WIND, and as soon as your number is brought over WIND will send you a text message to confirm you’re ready to go. We will also call you if there’s a problem bringing your number over to WIND.

Although it's generally an easy process to port your number to WIND, there are a few factors that might prevent it. If you've already disconnected your service with your previous carrier, for example, that number won't be yours to take with you anymore. Also, phone numbers cannot port over from one area code to another. You can change your phone number with WIND later or take new number from us. Unfortunately you can’t take a 416 Toronto number and port it to Brampton because their general area code is 905.


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