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What to do when my Kyocera phone is stuck on headphones mode?

I got my phone wet and now its stuck on headphones

Gerrod butler
Gerrod butler
This is for everyone one my home boy threw my Kyocera hydro waterproof into a bucket of water just to see if it work and it did, it still works fine, but the only thing was wrong was the headphone jack got water in it and the phone got stuck in headset mode.. You well not be able to head anything while its in headphone mode.... Yea it gonna suck but the fastest way to fix it is to do this step 1 turn off phone 2 try using something to suck the water out the headphone jack... "I use my mouth " 3. Get a cotton swab or a tissue paper and still it all the way down the headphone jack into it won't go down anymore 3 let it sit in the jack for about 5 min 4 once done turn phone on while cotton swab is still in.. 5 once phone show home screen pull cotton swab out... And there you go sound working once again..

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