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I deleted media storage on my Coolpad Quattro 4G. Is there a way to get it back?

I rooted my coolpad5860e then accidently deleted media storage .i cant download any thing from the google play store or other sights.i get popups saing android media process ,force stop .i have an other coolpad quatro that works fine but it is not a active there a way i can copy the media storage app from the unactive phone to the working phone .the phone with the problem has all other functions.

sammy Garcia

Why cant i download bbm?

I dident explain it well enough.the phone with the problem is activated .i went to metro pcs the sed there is nothing they can do.

You need to get actual service from MetroPCS for your issue. But since your phone has been rooted, your warranty no longer applies. Contact MetroPCS to find out how you can get your phone fixed.

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