How to transfer pictures from the Pantech Link to the pc?

I found the answer for my pantech P2000 .. After many tries with the pantech pc suite which would not work I did this. Advice from radio shack ,, went to walmart and got an SD MICRO MEMORY CARD RS showed me how to insert it under battery. In the camera section there is an option to switch from phone to external. Then using data cable and highlighting an image and under options select external for each photo you want to move, then you will be able to upload all to your photo gallery using the USB data cable.

I have a question I followed all the steps and now when I double click camera and photos it says "for this operation move to idle screen." How do I do this? THanks


Having same problem. Worry that maybe we can't transfer pictures without memory card or data plan or something goofy like that... I can see the files on the phone, but can't get my fool computer to recognize it. Pantech site just says to install suite. Rip off...

The best I can suggest is for you to contact Pantech directly so their tech reps can assist you with your issues. Hopefully they can help. Good luck!


I have Windows & and installed the Pantech Suite. When I connected my USB and Pantech Link to the Computer it says that the device is not connected. I download a USB driver and it says that it is unable to be installed. What is going on?

Carolyn Parks

I sign on as file manager

my usb is connected, I click on camera, I right click and open but my photo's don't show up it just says for this operation move to idle screen.

I am on my camera screen on the phone and my pic's are showing

i have a Pantech phone and im trying to transfer my pics to my computer using the Sandisk adapter, my computer isnt reading this card. is there anything else i can do without buying the USB cord.?
thank you

Have you installed the USB driver? If not, then please install it first then try connecting your phone again to your PC. That's a possible reason why your computer did not recognize your phone when you plugged it in.

Thank you for taking the time to give me the link and directions. I did those downloads but when i plug the phone to the pc the software does not operate and the pc doesn't recognize it. The must be another way i hope, anyway I thank you for your time and instructions. God bless.

In order to upload files to a computer, you must connect the phone to your system with a USB data cable and the Pantech PC Suite software.

- Download the Pantech PC Suite here
- Double-click the downloaded file to load the PC Suite installation wizard. Accept the end-user agreement. Follow the prompts to install the software.
- Plug the USB data cable into the USB port on the Pantech 7040. Insert the opposite end of the cable into a USB port on the computer.
- Launch the Pantech PC Suite software and the program automatically detects the connected phone.
- You can now access your phone through the computer. source

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