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How to replace broken Solo mobile phone to avoid losing minutes?

I broke my old flip phone. it is a bell solo a pay as you go . how can i replace it so i dont loose all my minutes?

pls,I purchased a solo phone and I discover that d calibration of the phone isn't working again and I have dropped the phone to.the customer care at lagos....they called me that they have gotten d calibration of the phone and they said I will pay a sum of 2000 naira of which it was stated when I purchased the phone that d phone has a waranty of 1(one) year which means I don't have any money. but they keep asking me help...

williams mboho

I have a solo Android phone and the touch screen and Screen is damage. Where can I fixe it in Lagos, am in Surulere -Lagos

Well, you can bring the phone and ask them to transfer your number to another phone.

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