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What can I do to increase the internal memory of the Nokia Lumia 520?

when i brought my lumia 520 it had costed me Rs 9,999 at that time it had 7GB internal memory but now nokia is providing 8GB of internal memory but at the cost of Rs.8,999 what we have to do to increase the memory please help?

I have Nokia Lumia 530 in built 4GB internal Memory but App not transfer / install in SD Card so I Required to increase internal Memory Please solutions.


Pls tell how to increase the memory of any windows phone....can it be increased by going to an sevice center ......?MUST REPLY
This link will take u step by step on how to free some space. It saved me alot of stress

How to increase the internal RAM of Lumia 520. I have external SD card but application and games needs RAM

i have 520 this phone hanged for games and apps . so please sent how to increase RAM for my phone . please sent that url code its very helpfull. i am waiting for u r response . Thank U.

How I can increase the memory of model Numia 520

Hi there. You can increase your phone's memory up to 64GB. But if you really want to increase internal storage, I have simple tip, you may want consider uploading photos to SkyDrive so they do not take up any space on your phone's memory.

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