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Why won't the Micromax Canvas Knight Cameo charge?

I bought mixromax cameo Knight A290 2 months before now I have issue with battery it is not charging even for long time I plugged in?

i have bought micromax canvas knight cameo last year after 6 month there was charging problem. I Changed the charging jack from service center, issue was resolved at that time but now problem arrises with charging again. When i plug in the charger it says error unplug the charger. I am very fed up with this micromax phone. Is there some one who can give inf about the same

Should i let my battety drain??I've the same prob....I'm scared my dad will nt buy me an another phone...pls help ..

my A290 won't charge and when i plug in the charger it show "temperature is too low please plug out the charger" as it is in room temperature . i have used different charger as well as data cables bt it wont charge.. please help me out!

sir micromax a290 if phone is switchd off condition phone takening charging good , but if phone is in on condition charging nt showen.plz help me

I cannot charge my phone canvas knight cameo a290 ...when i put on charge it shows that your error your battery is under temperature what to do sir please suggest me


After running 1 and half years with great performance. now it is not getting charged.

Hey dude just change the port of charging cable if u have warranty


If you are using the original / 1 amp USB charger and a good cable and it is not charging the issue could be with the connector on you phone.
here is a work around. connect the cable to the phone and place it on a flat surface when charging. next place a light weight like a text book on the cable just a little distance from the connector and about where the cable begins.

Same problem I have faced for last 4 months, Service center have repaired (Cost.800 rs) but after two days same problem again start , waste of money

My micromax a290 only 6 mounth 3 times charging problem and charge only orignle data cable.

i have same problem.
it does not charge at all
i have used its original charger,changed its usb cable & even connected it to pc via usb but it does not charge.
but got a relief when i connected it to my XBOX 360 E
it charges but relly slow

I had this same prob...i given my phn into a private will cost 250 rs only...nw phn getting charged fastly

rajneesh nigam

i have micromax a290 nd its shows that that charging is ongoing but actually its not charged more than 22%
so i think did i wasted money pls resolve this problem

My phone is not taking charging after 1%...i had tried all the still the result is same

my phone is not charge
sometimes it charges only in switched off mode
bt now it is not charging at all
my phone is switched off and is not starting
this is the second time i am facing this prob
I had tired every thing
different charger
different cable
different switches
This is the prob of the mob only
plz help me
I had jst brought it
Did I have wasted my money

ranjeet singh
ranjeet singh

hi my phone charging problem i am to upset 2 days only i buy my new phone knight 6 hrs charging then batter is 2 % to 3%. plz solve this problem .plz plz pl


i sold my micormax cameo after 8 months they battery was not charging at all so soon the bettery is gone

Hey i got it i phone is now charging 100% From 0% in only 2 hours but follow some rules

1.Never put it on charging at night sleeping (Chrge it only Minimum 2hrs in a day or maximum 4 Hours)

2.Avoid excessive use of WiFi Or data pck

3.Only charge with chrger given by company

4.Most of time it works in switch off mode and 0% charge

5.Put some weight of 200Grams on your charger point while charging

6.If this not works try to factory data reset then charge your phone it will work.


Recently i am having the same problem with my A290 Canvas that it takes 7-8 hrs to charge. is there any handset defect by default.?

Same problem here Its showing that it is charging but no changes after 1 hour it got from 21% to 19% I Have tried every thing changing wall socket charger usb cable adapter But still this problem somebody please help me i have wasted my 14500 rs. on this Phone.

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