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Will Asus fix my ZenFone 5 for free after accidentally breaking it's screen?

I bought ASUS zenphone 5 last month, accidentally i dropped it , the gorrila glass  broke which was not supposed to break.. am i getting it fixed for free by asus service centers?

I am having zenfone max same touch problem I went to local service center they cost around 4063 for replacing that.And they told if the touch is replaced in local place other then Asus service center the product code dosen't match to the original to Asus then phone will not work after 60 days because the code will verify on asus online if it is not original then Asus will block our phone... Is this true???? Plz any one reply me... Any one have replaced their phone touch in local service center not in Asus service center but still the Asus phone works fine after 60 days or more days is ur phone is working good then plz do let me know or will they block oru phone plz inform me....

You can buy display on amazon or flipkart with less than1000 Rs. Buy a screwdriver and a small knife and use the help of youtube..It is bit easy to replace the display

Try repair it at others repair centre as long not asus centre..coz they will chrge u me i ve faced same problem before...

I want to replace this asus zenfone5 touchscreen now

Useless screen, My family has 4 asus phone users. All of use have the screen broken or scratched due to most minor drops. I don't think its Gorilla glass. I used my last motorola phone for yrs without any scratch.....Very poor glass used by Asus.

Gorilla glass is not a break free glass... its just a scratch proof coating over a hard glass. Cornilla Gorilla Glass 4 is represented as break free glass and it still works ...

my asus zenfone 5 os is removed so how to download asus new os please help

Stupid quality. Only cheating Indian public.

can i get only gorilla glass for Zenfone 5?

My zenefone 5 's have broken due to falling from a small disappointing.there is line of scratch but it still working can u plz help me by giving me idea of it's repairing cost

If any one wants Asus ZenFone 5 LCD screen plz contact me. on my email. With warranty

My asus zenfone 2 accidentally falled from me ..screen got my front cam is not clear...what will i do?

I purchased Asus zenfone Five 2 years ago .now its ringger is not working properly and I want to replace it from authorised service centre but the service charges are more than its ringger . should i replace it from unauthorized mobile repairing shop even i have some critical data related to business in my phone.

I bought zenfone max 3days ago,i accidentally drop it from 1ft high..and the screen got broken,bad gorilla glass ever

sell your mobile for 3000 rs in pune or buy mobile for 3000rs with display and glass

Buy a duplicate for 1000-1500 Nehru place, karol bagh etc. And stop crying its a just a mobile, my screen broke too. The phone has been awesome and fell many a times, but this time it fell from 4 metres. Anyways 1 year done with phone, need just one more year , after that anyways I'll by new one , so putting 1k duplicate screen makes sense for me.

tajammul syed

The same problem to me ....the scren was broken accidentaly ..i think the screen was not a gorilla glass it was just a fake glass

My Asus Zenfone 5 has accidentally fallen from my hand from very low height but to my surprise the so called no breakable gorilla glass has totally shattered.

Kindly suggest me how much it will cost to replace it with original Asus glass. Also I'm surprised there is no service centre at Rourkela, Odisha infact the whole Odisha.

Also suggest me nearest service centre from Rourkela

Vishal Thakker
Vishal Thakker

Mine was gorilla glass 4 that broke after falling on floor from only half a feet. Company denied changing for free. Now the court Wil get it done from them.

Check for new LCD display avaliable online,It is very cheap in ebay in the range of Rs 1000-1500

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