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What to do if stuck in guest mode in my Alcatel phone?

I cant text as i am stuck in quest mode and my pin wont work

My phone is stuck in guest mode and can't received texts! Don't know my password please help!

Hey Derick. Try these apps I found:

- GuestMode(link)

- SwitchMe Multiple Accounts (link)

Hope that helps!

How do u get to guess mode on a Alcatel 7046T

panchai tongkoong

go to main window swipe down and you will find
two icon touch second from right and push guest mode
and put you pw and disable it i got experiences both
contacts and gallery was lost after did so everything
back to normal ok try it

Which Alcatel phone are you using? Just enter the PIN to exit guest mode.

I am stuck in guest mode and my pin wont work so i cant send texts

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