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I'm paying $50 a month for a Koodo Mobile base plan. What am I getting?

I am not aware what I am getting for it. can you explain?

how much will it cost province wide calling and Safari only no data I have unlocked phone

Can I get province wide calls plus safari no data How much

The Koodo $50.00 base plan includes Unlimited Messaging and Unlimited Local Calling. If you need to make calls outside of your local calling area you'll have to purchase what they call a Booster Add On. The same thing goes if you need Data. Booster Add On's don't expire so any remaining Canada Wide Minutes and/or Data you have left in your Boosters carry over from month to month as long as your Base Plan is active.

I don't make a lot of phone calls so I have the $15.00 Base Plan (just Unlimited Messaging). Then I bought a Booster Add On for $25.00 that gives me 500 minutes of Canada wide calling and a Booster Add On for $30.00 for 1 Gig of data. As long as I pay $15.00 a month for my Base Plan, my unused minutes and data roll over until I eventually use them.

Hope this helps.

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