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What to do when not receiving text messages on the Lenovo K3 Note?

not receiving text messages on lenovo k 3 note mobile.


I m unable to send and receive text msg of only iphone users.

Can anyone hep me?

One the solution to this problem is that you can reset your phone.

Wipe all the data.

It helped me. It might help you

Be cautious when you delete your DATA!!

Text SMS suddenly stopped and no text messages are receiving on my Lenovo k4 Note . Tried several things from net information and youtube also but not working. Please help guys. Thank you

The same problem with me . bought the phone only yesterday but not able to receive sms from other numbers.. even tried restarting the device but of no use. Kindly help asap...

Usually, a simple restart works. Please try restarting your phone and try sending a text message to yourself using another phone. Let us know how it goes.

Shubham gupta_52746

I also have k3note and same issue occur with me i am also not recieved mesages. And i dont have solution yet, he only solution to recieve message is power off and power on. If you have Amy solution for this so please email me

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