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Why is the notification enabler not working on my Nokia Asha 205?

I am having nokia aasha 205 and its notifiacation enabler is not working ,it saying invalid application after i moved LINE app to memory card?

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How can i install Notification?

Answer this question...wantsapp not wark help nokia aasa311

Salman akhtar
Salman akhtar

Why does not sporrt in my phone notificatoin Answer this question...

Obasi neymar
Obasi neymar

My notification is not working why pls sir

Plz on my notifications plzzzz

It works

Try this one
Notification enabler

I hv problem when i reinstall notification enabler in asha205 it shows invalid application 'plz,,sir help me

My notification for nokia asha205 is not work

I'm using nokia asha205; notification enabler is not working vn i open line....

am also using asha 205... notification not working for whatsapp...... kindly help me sir....

What can cause the notification enabler from working?

Plz on my notification plz

Hi manish. So it was working before you transferred Line to your memory card? If that's the case then just put Line back to the phone memory. Some apps are meant to be installed in the phone memory. Moving to the memory card will stop the app from working.

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