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How to retrieve Chatr voicemail password?

I activate my voicemail in chater but i forget my password what i have to do?


Would like to say that my son gave me  his IPhone cell and since my old cell never had a password for voice mail messages I asked him what was the password for accessing my messages.  He could not remember and I had to call the 1-800-485 9745 no which led me to a nice operator in the Phillipines that helped me and I obtained a new password for the voice mail.  She also told me to press the number 1 on the key pad for dialing and then to access voice mail immediately.  Hope this will help anyone.

I.can't remember my password to my voice mail 

How do you do this if you cant call them because your phone isnt working! I cant do it online otherwise

Voicemail....I hold the #1 and follow the prompts..I do not get any prompts...Any suggestions

Give a chatr customer service rep a call (*611 from your chatr phone – a free call) and they’ll help you get it sorted out.

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