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How to change language back to English on the Huawei M735?

I accidently changed the language on my huawei m735 and cant read the language to reset nit back to what it was?

How do I change the language to English on my E5577s

Huaweii P8 Settings > go down to the last section of settings, try to find a tab with icon similar to "[I ]" > First option inside the tab

need to switch to English dint understand nothing

I want to chane my language to english

How to change language back to english on the huawei U8950d. My children accidentally press the wrong botton.

How do I change my Huawei language back to English

thank you sooooo much :)

one thing though... press 1 in option 1

You have to touch the small box with the 4 squares on the main page.
Then go to the bottom of the page and press the picture with the gear on the labeled settings.
Then press the number 1
Then choose english

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