Why can't I send picture messages with my Kyocera Hydro XTRM?

Can't send pics through messaging. Can I change that

Send a Multimedia Message (MMS)
When you need to add a little more to a text message, you can send a multimedia message (MMS) with pictures, recorded voices, or audio or video files, or slideshows.
1. Touch Home > > Messaging.
2. On the Messaging screen, touch . The compose screen opens.
3. Fill in one or more recipients.
Enter phone numbers or email addresses in the Enter up to 10 recipients field. If
you are sending the message to several recipients, separate the phone numbers or email addresses with commas. As you enter information, any matching phone Accounts and Messaging 63 numbers or addresses from your People list are displayed. Touch a match to enter that number or address.

Tip: You can call up a phone number or email address by entering a name saved in People.

Touch a match from an available list.

Tip: Touch next to the field to access your contacts.

Tip: Touch to select options for composing messages, such as Add subject, Add preset
message, and Insert smiley.

4. Touch Type message and then start composing your message.
5. Touch and select from the following file attachments. Pictures: Select an app and then select a stored picture to attach.
Capture picture: Take a picture to attach.
Videos: Select an app and then select a stored video to attach.
Capture video: Record a video to attach.
Audio: Select an app and then select an audio file to attach.
Record audio: Record an audio file to attach.
6. To make changes to your attachment, touch Replace or Remove.
7. Touch SEND to send the MMS message.

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