How to use app lock on the Huawei Y6 Pro?

Huawei y6 pro I have purchased new one but unable to making app lock very bad experince of my life ever never I purchased how I solve it kindly help me

Hey guys, try these apps I found:

- AppLock (link)

- Ivy Mobile AppLock (link)

- burakgon App Locker (link)

- App Lock: Fingerprint Password (link)

- Norton App Lock (link)

Hope that helps!


Answer this question... I have been googling on how could i use applockers on my huawei y6 phone.. and all answers were desperating like its impossible at all... but the fact is jst its possible.. forsure u can use applockers on huawei y6.. all u need to do is.. after u install the app and permit its usage.. u can go n make the app protected on the phone manager!.. try it.. isnt it possible?

Hi Usman. Which app locker are you using?

Not the answer you were looking for?