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Why does the Huawei P8max reboot everytime I try to make a call?

Just got the phone 2 days ago. Every time I try to make phone calls, it restarts itself. I am not sure why it does that. It does it on every contact that I have in the phone.


Mine phone reboots when I set it down and sometimes it will start up with the EMUI optimizing screen which can take up to 10 minutes . Very frustrating

I am having this exact same problem. Thought that it might be a firmware issue. Are you using Telus/Koodo by chance? I put a Koodo/Telus SIM in and it would do this, then I swapped in a Fido SIM and the problem stopped. Hoping there is a way around this, as I want to use Telus/Koodo.

Hmm.. Odd.. I'm wondering, was it like that ever since you bought the phone?


I'm struggling with this as well. Did anyone figure it out?

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