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Why can't I get 3G connection on the Huawei Honor 3C?

I cannot get 3g but its only shows edge E .so what is the reason ??or is it because of network??

please help my mobile phone is Huawei Honor 3C my mobile dont show the singal both sim give the empty slot both sim please please help me 

I can't get 3G network why??????

i am using huawei honor 4x . some time shows 3g cvrg . some time 3g is not woriking why is that i am using phone at same place 

My Huawei honor 4c is failed to slot 1 nd 2 plz help me

for honor 3c : guys just put sim in sim 1 place ...sim 1 support data net while sim 2 only supports calling .hope it help

Why my phone want network id connect 3g and than network id I don't know.

My honor 5x does not get 3g connection in SIM 1 slot. I tried every setting but no result. Anybody know the solution

excuse me but I force to ask it!!!I bought a huawei g606 about two month ago.and wrote its get 3G.but I didn't get any 3G.can you help me how to setup 3g on it???thank you

Shahram Raza
Shahram Raza

I have a huawei honor 3c lite . I face problem in my mob :data Connection self on ; I checked its on a shop and update its software .but not solve .please tell why its happend . why my do :date Connection On : Self

I have a huawei honor 3x G750 T01, I have the same issue. Did all I could on my own, changed SIM, changed companies, took it to a shop, and they said It's different band (Chinese or European) and in that case it would not get 3g. I can't even update it, I'm stuck on the EMUI 2.0 with OS 4.2. I'm trying to flash it with a new rom but it's complicated.
Any quick fix?

Indonesia Juara

Put your 3G sim card into SLOT-1 located in the right, mine is working perfectly

Network canekt 3g peroblem lm help peliz

Hi guys, I had the same problem, my 3g sim was in slot2 so i swaped the sim, 3g works at sim1 slot, Cheers!!

Maybe you guys got different phone. I'll write step by step what to click/tap if Carl P. answer is not clear enough.

1. Settings
2. Change tab to "all"
3. Mobile networks
4. Network Mode (it's in top of this page)
5. T-mobile (or whatever network u use)
6. 2G only (or "GSM Only")

my huawei u8860 cant connect to 3G network
always edge. there is no 3G setting at the mobile networks. please is it the rom ?or any way out.

Junior Einstein
Junior Einstein

this option works for G610s but not for Honor 3c

Salman ahmed
Salman ahmed

there is no more option of 3g in huwaei honor 3c I checked it alot of time

My huawei honor too doesn't get to 3g network .i cant find the network mode settings.what should I do

i had same problem with mine.. i changed my sim to slot 1.. problem solved...

Go to Settings under Data usage, tap More... > Mobile networks > Network mode > tap your network and choose GSM/WCDMA to both connect to 2G and 3G. You can also choose WCDMA only if you only want to connect to 3G.

Now if you can't get 3G connection, probably it's a network issue.

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