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Stefan Petrovski

Why does the Huawei Y6 randomly stop playing videos or music?

Hello, I have a Huawei Y6 and at random moments it will pause any playing media for example youtube videos, spotify and/or the default music player. It usually fixes itself after a restart for a couple of hours but then it starts again and I can't seem to figure out what's causing it... The device is running Android 5.1.1

I have the same problem with my Huawei Elate I just recently got it and it just stops videos and music from what I've searched up the most common thing is having to many apps open but it still stops after a while;; 

I encountered the same problem with huawei y6..  I think the better solution here is to format the phone. 

There are two possible reasons. Phones plug doesnt fit good. When cable connection is broke for a while, music stops. I also noticed that when the phone is connected to bluetooth car adapter and the volume is set to max then music stop playing after two seconds. 

I've got the same problem. It occurs when the volume is set to max or close to max, over the recomended level. Huawei Y6 or Y6 pro, the same problem...

Hi Stefan. If YouTube or Spotify stops suddenly, the first thing that comes in mind is that you might have a slow or faulty connection. But if you're using the default music and video player, and it stops for no reason that's definitely something else. Probably a bug in your phone's software which you can resolve by doing a software upgrade (if available) or a factory reset.

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