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How to transfer photos from Huawei Ascend to computer?

do i have to install any downloads ph/pc

I can't download my photos on my camera phone onto my computer, even-though I connect it by USB, CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TO DO THIS.

Robert T Morrison

Dear All,
Connecting your Huawei Ascend Y330 to your computer can be a frustrating process when we all have become accustomed to "plug in" and play.
My computer runs on "VISTA" and I plugged in via. the supplied "USB" cable. A menu eventually appeared on my phone giving me some options; to manage my files, download "HiSuite" or via. "wireless" using a coded connection number supplied on my phone screen. All of these options connected me but I strongly recommend downloading "HiSuite" regardless, by obeying the instructions that appear on your computer screen.
I hope this is helpful but I found the whole process frustrating and not straight forward in this day and age of "instant connectivity". How could Huawei got this so wrong ?
Best of luck Dr.Robert T. Morrison

Margaret Grieve

First time user :

How do I transfer picture from my Huawei Ascend cell to my PC?

Way too complicated which should not be the case. Should just plug it in and away you go. Idiot stupid phones


Could you kindly let me know how do I transfer the photos from Huawei Y300--0151 to my Apple MacBook Air laptop?



Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker

How do itransferAlbums nphotos from my Huawei Assend to my computer?

I use Coolmuster Android Assistant to help me transfer my Huawei pictures to my computer, you can have a try this type of software.

To transfer photos and other files from your phone to your computer you need to set the microSD card as USB mass storage. Just connect your mobile phone to your computer with the USB cable. Your computer will detect the microSD card as a removable disk. You can now transfer files from your PC to your mobile phone’s microSD card.

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