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How to use volume on the Motorola WX416?

Bob Inangelo

can I send photos from wx416 to an e-mail address?

James Hunnel

How do I set the volume on my MotoWX416

Fred Traynor

How do I increase the volume before I get an incoming call? I can hardly hear the person calling also how too change to the speaker? I'm one call from sending this phone back to you.


Gary Campbell

I have a Motorola WC416 and I cannot increase the Volume. I see the Menu> Settings> User Profiles, but I have no User Profiles.

To set ringtone`s volume press Menu > Settings > User Profiles.
When listening to radio or music press Navigation key (the big one which surrounds the center key) up or down.
Some video tutorials you can find on our Motorola WX416 video page.

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