How to turn on the front-facing camera of the Alcatel Authority?

I've tried going to settings and playing around with the camera, but I just can't find a way to activate the front camera. Please help me.

Go to your camera hit the square next to your house button and you will see the front camera option click and there you go

How to access my front facing camera on alcatel authority its not even a option for the front facing can please help

Your name_42469

When using the camera app, simply press the second button on the bottom touch bar (looks like overlapping squares) and it brings up a mini menu with the front cam/main cam option.

Hi there. Do you have a manual? If you do, check page 92. That's where you can find the information on how to use the front facing camera.

If you don't have the manual yet, you can get a free PDF copy from the Alcatel Authority page.

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